The Financially Fit Divorce – Online Course

The Financially Fit Divorce on TeachableFor less than the cost of one hour of an attorney’s time, The Financially Fit Divorce online course will teach you what to expect throughout the divorce process as it relates to money in your relationship.

Through stories, tactical information, data gathering, and organization, the lectures will cover topics you need to know, including how to divide the home, how to divide retirement assets or investments, how to deal with college planning, how to value and divide a business in divorce, and how to restart your own financial plan after divorce. The focus is on saving you money and time – before, during and after divorce

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I Now Pronounce You Financially Fit

I Now Pronounce You Financially Fit - BookRevised + Updated for 2018 – This unique book explores an overlooked but pivotal truth: Divorce is a financial planning issue. All too often, people willingly enter into marriage without even discussing our investments, obligations, income, budget, or the impact a divorce might have on our financial futures. Why would we taint our special day by talking about money when there are caterers to hire and dicey family dynamics to manage?

Both men and women think marriage is supposed to be about trust, love, and romance. And it is. But we are ignoring and important reality. The current divorce rate is about fifty percent. In I Now Pronounce You Financially Fit, Pam Friedman talks about this financial elephant in the room. In marriage, as Friedman explains, it is never too late to protect our money from the financial devastation of divorce. And if divorce is unavoidable, her advice can help us through that too.

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Family Law Attorneys – We Come to You

Pam offers a one-hour Lunch and Learn on “Financial Ideas for Family Law Professionals”. This is a great opportunity to ask specific questions and learn more about how financial ideas can help you and your clients. Contact us today at 512.426.9730 to schedule your appointment.

Inventory and Budgeting Worksheets

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The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts

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Certified Financial Planners and Planning (The CFP® Designation)

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