What does a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®) do to protect your interests in divorce?

In divorce, one time financial decisions have to be made and there is no going back!

If you are struggling with the financial consequences of divorce, you need Pam Friedman, CFP®, CDFA®, on your team.  Financial mistakes have long term consequences, leaving you with less for your children and retirement.  Financial analysis can cost much less than what you may lose in divorce over the short and long term.

A CDFA® provides a financial analysis that describes the projected outcome of asset division in divorce. Typically the analysis can be used as the client’s basis for post-divorce financial planning.

  • A CDFA® can assist in preparing a financial affidavit as well as income and expense estimates both pre- and post-divorce.
  • A CDFA® can identify tax impacts of asset division including the impact of deferred taxes associated with most retirement plans.
  • A CDFA® can resolve financial issues by recommending alternative options to achieve the goals of divorcing couples.
  • A CDFA® may be able to help identify hidden assets.

A CDFA® works with other professionals – attorneys, mediators, tax accountants, pension fund administrators. We can help make your time with other professionals much more cost efficient.

A divorce financial analyst does not give legal advice.