Four Reasons Why Great Family Law Attorneys use Certified Divorce Financial Analysts®


Experienced family law attorneys and Certified Divorce Financial Analysts™ (CDFAs) are ideal referral partners and more. 

CDFAs Build a Financial Picture

CDFAs do the homework.  We gather the tax returns and other financial documents that attorneys need.  We know which additional documents will help get to the real picture.  Then we organize financial information and provide education about financial investments, retirement plans, budgets and cash flow. The result is a clear, easy to use financial picture and an understanding of how each financial investment or debt became part of that financial picture.

CDFAs Create a Clear List of Financial Needs

CDFAs add clarity and credibility to financial needs and wants.  With this list in hand, attorneys know what to ask for to make the case for division.  Splitting everything in half is always an option but what if one spouse needs more liquidity or will be in a higher tax bracket after divorce?  Factors like these change an adequate division into something that helps preserve financial security and confidence.

CDFAs Preserve Wealth

CDFAs know where to look for hidden or underreported assets and how to avoid potential taxes and fees when dividing assets.  We provide options and alternatives to division that can often save more than we cost.  These quantifiable savings make everyone happy by preserving wealth and helping to offset the expense of divorce.

CDFAs Provide Hands on Support

Resolving money worries may be even more critical to a final settlement agreement than concerns about the children.  A great family law attorney manages several clients at a time. He or she has little time to handle all the financial questions generated during divorce.  Moreover, financial issues and investments are ever changing and complex.  Attorneys and their paralegals may not have the answers on hand. CDFAs answer these questions everyday.  We can answer these questions quickly and create confidence in the process.

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